Geistlich Policy

  • We orientate ourselves to the needs of the markets and the customers, and, wherever possible, make use of our capabilities and the services we provide in market niches to satisfy the demands of our customers. 

  • By means of our targeted efforts in Research, Development and Application Technology, we continually strive to find new and innovative products and system solutions, to develop them and to bring them to market maturity. 

  • Through involving our suppliers and carefully selected partners in our processes, we want to satisfy the continually growing requirements of our customers and the market in the best possible way.

  • Thanks to the careful selection of our employees and their subsequent, targeted training and further education, we promote and support a high standard of technical competence at all levels. We offer our personnel modern employment conditions and well-developed social benefits, and by taking appropriate measures, together try to guarantee working safety and the protection of health, as well as the avoidance of breakdowns and incidents.

  • Our entrepreneurial thought and action is characterized by our awareness of our responsibilities and transparency with regard to our employees, customers, suppliers and local authorities. 

  • We pay continual attention to improving the profitability of our corporations and their activities in order to also be able to meet future requirements, and in this way, will be able to maintain our position in national and international markets. The corporations within our group should protect their independence or should be able to enter into targeted, forward-looking partnerships as strong enterprises.