Geistlich Portrait

Geistlich is a family-based corporation that was founded in 1851 under
Swiss law. The aim of the corporation is the acquisition and management of shareholdings in chemical industrial corporations and the financing of associated enterprises.


The Geistlich Group is a medium sized corporation, setting longterm objectives and focussing on stability.

The group companies with a short description of their activities, products and services:

Geistlich Pharma AG, CH - Wolhusen
Production, trade and research, in particular in the sectors of biomaterials for dental and orthopedic applications, pharmaceuticals and medical devices with twelfe affiliates in Australia/New Zealand, USA/Canada, South Korea, Brasil, China, France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom/Ireland and Japan.

GEWO GmbH, D- Baden-Baden
Toll manufacturing and services for the cosmetics industry and for retail chain companies.

DELTA Zofingen AG, CH - Zofingen
Individual, efficient system solutions for all aspects of hygiene, cleanliness and work safety.

Geistlich Immobilia AG, CH - Schlieren
Purchase, administration, leasing, building on and sale of real estate.