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Joint departure into a new era

Geistlich Pharma has had its own presence in Japan since June 2019. In addition to expert advice on regeneration, Geistlich Pharma's activities focus on high-quality educational opportunities. At the end of September, partners and customers toasted a new era with Geistlich in Fukuoka/JP.
October 07, 2019

Geistlich's General Manager in Japan, Hirofumi Fujita, welcomed the attendees and expressed his pleasure at the successful launch of Geistlich Pharma Japan. He had a whole range of engagements in his luggage. "Our local customers can expect educational offers such as training courses, workshops, lectures and more," he says.

A pioneer for 30 years

In honor of the Japanese guests, Dr. Matthias Dunkel, Chief Operating Officer of Geistlich, had travelled from the Swiss headquarters. He emphasized that he was looking forward to the cooperation in the Japanese market. Geistlich took the lead in regenerative dentistry more than 30 years ago and has been expanding steadily ever since. A key figure from Geistlich was particularly close to his heart: "A total of 1,000 scientific publications prove the safety and effectiveness of biomaterials from Geistlich," he explained.

The future has begun

Already in October 2019 there will be an offer: A workshop under international leadership on «Soft tissue management in the application of Geistlich Bio-Oss® and Geistlich Bio-Gide®». For the Japanese dental community, the Geistlich network opens up the opportunity to be even better perceived internationally. Other items on the agenda include the introduction of products for existing and new therapeutic areas, including bone augmentation and soft tissue management. The starting shot has been fired, and from today Geistlich and its partners are at the service of Japanese customers and are embarking on a new era together.