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JULY 16, 2024
4,434 Kilometers for Coral Reef Regeneration

At this year's "Move for Charity", employees of Geistlich raised $26,208 USD for coral reef regeneration. The amount was handed over to the ETH…

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JULY 15, 2024
Chondro-Gide® receives EU MDR certification

Geistlich has received MDR (Medical Device Regulation) certification for the European market for its unique collagen membrane Chondro-Gide®. The…

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JULY 11, 2024
Congratulations on completing the apprenticeship

Four apprentices from the commercial, laboratory, IT and graphic design professions have reason to celebrate: they have all passed their final…

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JUNE 04, 2024
Strategic investment in France

Geistlich invests in O.S.T Développement in France and takes over the worldwide distribution for its dental allogeneic product range Allodyn®, adding…

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MAY 21, 2024
Geistlich collagen portfolio receives EU MDR certification

Geistlich is one of the first companies in the field of regenerative dentistry to receive MDR certification for its collagen product range. This…

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MAY 08, 2024
Innovative skin graft alternative for face, head and neck wounds

A Geistlich technology originally developed for oral applications can now also be used more broadly in the face, head and neck. For patients with skin…

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APRIL 05, 2024
Geistlich acquires Bionnovation Biomedical in Brazil

Geistlich has signed the agreement to acquire the medical technology company Bionnovation Biomedical in Brazil subject to customary closing…

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MARCH 20, 2024
Solid result in a challenging environment

Geistlich closed the financial year with a solid result. Despite volatile markets, the regeneration expert was able to further increase sales with…

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DECEMBER 01, 2023
Diego Gabathuler becomes the new CEO of Geistlich

Geistlich appoints Diego Gabathuler as new CEO. As a proven leader, he brings many years of experience in the MedTech industry and will continue to…

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NOVEMBER 07, 2023
Learning from the best with Geistlich myGuide®

Geistlich is proud to announce the launch of Geistlich myGuide®, the world's first complete online learning journey in regenerative dentistry. This…

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OCTOBER 24, 2023
Dedicated to medical regeneration for 35 years

Since the 1980s, Geistlich has been driving the development of high-quality regenerative biomaterials. During this time, the Swiss family-owned…

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OCTOBER 18, 2023
Donation for mobile dental clinics has arrived

At this year's "move for charity" event, Geistlich employees raised $16,500 for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey. The amount has been…

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SEPTEMBER 19, 2023
Trust in the focus of the film "Trust Stories”

Dr. Ildefonso Moreno provides insight into an important phase of his life. The film tells the story of the

Andalusian oral surgeon who is offered to…

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SEPTEMBER 18, 2023
Geistlich awarded from the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Dr. Andreas Geistlich, Chairman of the Board of Directors, has been awarded the prestigious American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons…

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SEPTEMBER 06, 2023
Employees worldwide cover 3,853 kilometers for earthquake victims

During this year's "move for charity" event, employees of Geistlich have covered 3,853 kilometers, raising a total amount of 16,500 US dollars. This…

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AUGUST 17, 2023
Geistlich announces CEO change

Geistlich Pharma AG has begun efforts to identify a new CEO of the company following the departure of Ralf Halbach. Until a successor is appointed,…

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JULY 12, 2023
Apprenticeship completed: Congratulations to the newly qualified employees

Geistlich is proud to congratulates Monika Damjanovic, Aulon Ismajli and Michael Studer on completing their apprenticeships. The internationally…

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JULY 05, 2023
Geistlich expands its portfolio for the treatment of Periodontitis

Geistlich is continuously developing new therapeutical concepts and has dedicated itself to the periodontology topic for many years. Geistlich has…

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MAY 03, 2023
Geistlich drives regeneration at the IOS

At the international congress of the Osteology Foundation, Geistlich presented its latest solutions for the treatment of bone and tissue regeneration…

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MARCH 20, 2023
Geistlich proves resilient

All in all, 2022 was a challenging year with many global uncertainties. But Geistlich still achieved great results and further consolidated our…

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MARCH 13, 2023
Geistlich supports the reconstruction of Ukraine

Geistlich is supporting with the promotion of a further education program and the construction of a mobile kindergarten the reconstruction of Ukraine.…

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