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Geistlich supports the reconstruction of Ukraine

Geistlich is supporting with the promotion of a further education program and the construction of a mobile kindergarten the reconstruction of Ukraine. The family-owned company also wants to set a sign of hope.
March 13, 2023

The war in Ukraine has had terrible consequences for the population. For this reason, Geistlich wants to support the reconstruction of the country at an early stage and offer the people a perspective. Geistlich has therefore decided to support two projects with a total of CHF 500,000. "As a family business, we want to make a contribution and set a sign of hope," says Andreas Geistlich, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Infrastructure rebuilding

As the first project, Geistlich is supporting a further education program (CAS) at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, which will prepare participants to help manage the reconstruction of Ukraine. Important buildings, infrastructure, as well as supply networks were destroyed. As a result, the Ukrainian population lacks the basis for a secure life. The education program is aimed at refugee women from Ukraine who have a professional connection to the construction sector, Ukrainians who have lived in Switzerland for some time, and members of aid organizations who wants to be involved in the reconstruction.

Building a mobile kindergarten

As the second project, Geistlich will financially support the construction of a mobile kindergarten in Ukraine, which will be implemented in the education program. The students will design this kindergarten and support the management and construction on site. The goal is to complete the kindergarten this year.

As a pioneer in regenerative medicine, Geistlich builds on the transfer from theory to practice. This sustainable approach, based on a professional education program and creating help for self-help, reflects the corporate values. It is intended to be a contribution by Geistlich to improving the lives of people in Ukraine.