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Seven questions to Juerg Roth, CFO Geistlich Pharma

Juerg Roth has been CFO at Geistlich Pharma since August. He started his career at the regeneration expert nine years ago. Since then he has mastered numerous challenging situations, such as the abolition of the minimum exchange rate CHF-EUR in 2015. In the interview he talks about the current COVID-19 situation and his fascination with the job.
November 25, 2020

How do you experience the distortions in the Corona crisis?
A global and abstract challenge for people, culture, politics and economy. I have great respect for the immediate health threat and the future economic impact of the pandemic - but at the same time I am fascinated by what this virus is capable of changing worldwide in a short time, socially, politically, demographically and ecologically.

What does this mean for Geistlich?
Our company has proven in recent months that we are capable of adapting to this special situation and circumstances in a relatively short time. We all need to maintain this flexibility and agility, but look positively and focused into the future.

What is Geistlich Pharma's interim corona assessment from the CFO's point of view?
After a difficult spring of 2020 under the influence of the global pandemic, Geistlich Pharma's business performance has recovered progressively. Despite positive upward trends, the outlook naturally remains extremely difficult. However, we are keeping a very close eye on possible changes in market developments in order to be able to react quickly and in a targeted manner.

What is your philosophy as CFO and what do you intend to tackle anew?
The CFO does not only have to analyse the figures, he must understand the business as a whole and the processes of the company. The needs of our customers and the market-specific differences are just as important as the production and development procedures. Only in this way can strategic and operational decisions be made in the interests of the company as a whole.

What fascinates you about your work? 
The range of daily challenges, the international interaction and the competence and motivation of our employees around the world.

What is it that makes you laugh heartily?
“Weekend Update” with Colin Jost and Michael Che on YouTube - sharp-tongued and pointed.

How & where can you really switch off?
Beach or ski holidays with the family. As well as jogging and playing tennis.