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Three foundations - one goal

Dr. Peter Geistlich was a visionary personality who always translated his ideas into action. As he drove the development of high-quality regenerative biomaterials in the 1980s, a desire grew in him: to bring science and practice closer together in the field of bone and soft tissue regeneration.  

As with his groundbreaking medical products, he was also ahead of his time here. He set a new pioneering tone with the creation of the Osteology Foundation, thus translating his vision of linking science and clinical testing into practice. Thanks to his commitment, new therapeutic approaches and clinical treatment methods in regenerative dentistry were made possible. In the course of time, two further foundations followed, all of them committed to independent research as well as practice-oriented education. Thus, the achievements from the foundation's activities benefit the patients.

Geistlich enabled and supports three independent foundations

Osteology Foundation

Osteo Science Foundation

ON Foundation