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10 years of Osteology: Developing solutions for the well-being of patients

The Osteology Foundation is celebrating its 10th anniversary at the International Symposium in Monaco. Geistlich Pharma, together with Dr. Peter Geistlich, set up the Foundation in 2003 in order to promote research in regenerative dentistry and make it available to practitioners. Co-operations between research, hospitals and industry have since made possible better treatment methods for the patients.
May 05, 2013

There are not only lectures and workshops in the programme of the International Osteology Symposium in Monaco but also the 10 years of the Foundation. When Geistlich Pharma set up the Foundation with Dr. Peter Geistlich in 2003 the objective was to provide targeted support to bring faster new techniques and products which had been sufficiently tested into hospitals and practices. At the same time improved therapy approaches for patients should be achieved. The Foundation aimed to promote the exchange of scientific knowledge and co-operation between universities and industries on the topic of oral tissue regeneration. The target in setting up the Foundation was to drive forward research in regenerative dentistry.

The basis for new treatments
Paul Note, CEO Geistlich Pharma, summarises ten years of the Foundation's work as follows: The objectives were achieved, "even exceeded. The Foundation is today one of the most important drivers of innovation in oral tissue regeneration. The Foundation has also established itself as a credible, independent institution." Today the Foundation is imparting scientific knowledge at their symposiums so that practitioners can use it in their routine work for the well-being of their patients. By funding projects the Foundation has identified gaps, opportunities and potentials and determined what research requirements actually exist. This enables the industry to create evidence-based solutions that practitioners need. As a result of its activities to improve the quality of research the Foundation contributes to creating exact data. The industry can develop scientifically based treatments on this sound background.

New solutions for practitioners
With soft tissue regeneration, studies funded by the <link http: www.osteology.org external-link-new-window external link in new>Osteology Foundation have, for example, allowed patients to be spared stressful surgeries, such as a second operation site to use their own tissue for transplantation. This was possible because a natural collagen matrix was used as an equivalent replacement instead of their own transplant. In another study clinicians investigated approaches to treating implant associated inflammatory diseases. The results of this study have already flown into practice. Another study funded by the Osteology Foundation shows that when using bone blocks the simultaneous use of bone replacement material and collagen membranes reduced shrinkage in the bone block used. This procedure has gained acceptance in practice in the meantime.