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A workshop for the history books

Out of the 6,000 people who participated in “Geistlich + YOU2”, 1,050 actively took part in the virtual hands-on workshop given by Prof. Dr. Ronald E. Jung. It is probably the largest workshop dental training has ever seen. Enthusiastic workshop participants shared their impressions on "Instagram". The opening question was: “How can I improve my implant therapy and pick up knowledge for my next treatment”?
February 16, 2021

How would you describe the virtual workshop in concrete terms?

All 1,050 participants were sent what was called the “Geistlich vLab Workhop Kit” containing biomaterials from Geistlich along with a mouth model. I led the workshop live and our valued participants from a total of 40 countries completed the surgical steps 1:1 on the mouth model in front of their screens and practiced the procedure.    

How does it feel to have led the largest online dental workshop for 1,050 participants?

We all made history with this first online Geistlich vLab Workshop. And actually for dental training as a whole. As a team this is something we can be very proud of!

Have you received feedback on your workshop? What pleased you the most?

I got some really good, very enthusiastic feedback from several continents. I’m delighted about this and am looking forward to working with these participants again.

What are your views on the development of dental training formats in future?

We’re living in a time of great upheaval and witnessing the dawn of a new era in terms of dental training. More than anything, though, we’re being presented with a great many new opportunities! It’s a huge privilege for me to be involved in this and to be able to help shape this development with Geistlich.

What’s the next training event where you’ll be meeting our community again?

Our next stop is China – with a webinar. I’ve received a request for an interview from South Korea, which I’m delighted about. I’m excited to see where in the world we’ll be able to provide other important training activities together for our dental specialists. In any case, I’m delighted to be at the service of this global community. 

Professor Jung, thank you very much for talking to us.

Interview Thomas Pfyffer