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"All Ears on Regeneration": a conversation about gerodontology

Prof. Dr. Frauke Müller pushes the door to geriatric dentistry wide open. She introduces listeners to her fascinating and multifaceted field, which has many special features compared to general dentistry. The specialist from the University of Geneva is a guest on the new Geistlich Audio Podcast.
December 21, 2021

Friedrich Buck, Director Scientic Education at Geistlich Pharma headquarters and his US colleague Ronald Frezel, Vice President, Geistlich Pharma North America get to the heart of experienced gerodontologist Frauke Müller.


A specialist area and its challenges 

As an expert in geriatric dentistry, she discusses the specialist field with her hosts. Among other things, they will discuss which regenerative therapies make sense for older patients and what expertise a specialist like Geistlich can contribute. What is the geriatric parodoxon based on and what is the “denture upside down test” all about? Moreover: What it means to treat patients with dementia. Frauke Müller leaves no questions unanswered.


"Old patients are wonderful patients"

As Head of the Division of Gerodontology and Removable Prosthodontics at the University of Geneva, Frauke Müller draws on many years of experience. Her passion and empathy for elderly patients are literally tangible in the animated conversation. The four-part podcast with her is structured as follows:


Episode 1: Intro and the Aging Patient

Episode 2: The geriatric implant patient

Episode 3: Age-appropriate therapy for older patients

Episode 4: The patient with dementia​​​​​​​


Renowned guests from the world of regeneration

After a first season with Dr. Marco Zeltner, specialist dentist for reconstructive dentistry, this is the second Geistlich Audio Podcast from the regeneration expert Geistlich Pharma. As entertaining professional input on the commute to the practice, the podcast is an ideal companion. It can be accessed via the website  and all common podcast platforms. Geistlich wishes you good entertainment and valuable insights into the field of gerodontology.  


More at: Geistlich Pharma AG - Podcast (geistlich-pharma.com)