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Dipping their toes into the world of work at Geistlich

Tina spending a day immersed in the role of a computer scientist – Timo wanting to know what it’s like to be a lab technician. These were the kinds of insights Geistlich Pharma was able to provide during Switzerland’s “National Future Day” on 14 November.
November 18, 2019

The main idea of the scheme is for Geistlich to offer some 20 boys and girls on “National Future Day” a glimpse of what the future might look like. It included insights into the The apprenticeships at Geistlich such as polygraphs, laboratory assistants or computer scientists. Geistlich wants to promote a genuine view of the world of work. The introduction to everyday working life was also made fun. Among other things, the children had the opportunity to experiment with colours in the laboratory and to generate colour tones. Geistlich's computer science team demonstrated a robot they had developed themselves, and as an undisputed highlight the young guests created their own "Slimy" - a viscous slime to play with.        

Diversity makes the difference

“Geistlich is fully committed to the “National Future Day” so that youngsters can have a realistic image of the world of work,” said Ursula Drews, Head of Corporate Human Resources at Geistlich. Diversity is the reality at Geistlich and comes in different forms and measures, including part-time working arrangements in management roles, international professionals working alongside one another, and the above-mentioned apprenticeships. Geistlich is a firm supporter of the “National Future Day”, helping continue to reinforce diversity.