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Fascination for regeneration: “All Ears on Regeneration”

The new Geistlich podcast is here. It accompanies you on the journey to our in-house research & development. Immerse yourself in the world of Geistlich, the regeneration specialist, with Dr. Mark Spilker, Geistlich Pharma’s Chief Scientific Officer, and Dr. Marco Zeltner, a specialist in reconstructive dentistry.
March 29, 2021

What drives people to make advances in the field of regeneration? What are the concepts of the future? And for Geistlich’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Mark Spilker, how does his fascination for regeneration research play out in his day-to-day work? These are the questions being explored in Geistlich Pharma’s first podcast. The audio podcast is produced in English. Over four episodes Dr. Marco Zeltner sheds light on the issues around tailor-made solutions in dentistry and the relevance of clinical predictability for users of biomaterials. Mark Spilker: “I’m really excited about sharing my passion for regeneration with a wider audience!”

A companion on your commute to work

If you spend half an hour every day commuting to your practice, then take “All Ears on Regeneration” with you on your next journey. The four episodes of the podcast are available from Geistlich Podcast, Spotify or Apple Podcasts, and feature a lively 35-minute discussion between the dental specialist Dr. Marco Zeltner and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Mark Spilker. You can choose to select individual content directly or listen to the episodes one by one. An overview:

Episode 1: How to understand the DNA of Geistlich?
Episode 2: Customized solutions for the future
Episode 3: Clinical predictability is key for GPs and specialists
Episode 4: What does regeneration research offer you?

We hope you enjoy listening to “All Ears on Regeneration” and gain valuable insight into the world of regeneration research. 

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