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"Geistlich Charity Walk & Run": Donation meets open arms

Let's look back: The "Geistlich Charity Walk & Run" moved the hearts of 352 employees. In September 2021, they ran and walked the race, covering a total of 4,191 kilometers. This resulted in a donation of 20,955 US dollars, which has now reached its destination.
December 16, 2021

Representatives of the Chinese Stomatological Association and Geistlich Pharma met in Beijing these days. The occasion was the handover of the donation for a project in western China. Thomas Schopper, Director Operations and Business Processes of Geistlich China was delighted: "It's a good feeling to know that the donation is in good hands after our sporting commitment!"


Destination: children's project in Ningxia

This year, the commitment of Geistlich employees from the Swiss headquarters and its twelve affiliates will benefit handicapped kids in the Chinese province of Ningxia. The focus of the assistance is on dental examinations, fluoride treatments and the sealing of dental fissures with the aim of preventing caries. Says Ms. Liu of the Stomatological Association: “Geistlich's donation supports those in need in a region where dental care for children is not a given."


Geistlich continues its commitment

The aim of the "Geistlich Charity Walk & Run" is to provide direct help where there is immediate need. The Chinese professional society is a long-standing and proven partner of Geistlich China. Today it is already clear that the "Geistlich Charity Walk & Run" will start its third year in 2022. Once again, we are looking for a meaningful project that will be evaluated in conjunction with our own affiliates.