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Geistlich drives regeneration at the IOS

At the international congress of the Osteology Foundation, Geistlich presented its latest solutions for the treatment of bone and tissue regeneration in dentistry. The family-owned company has been committed to driving medical regeneration through its support of the Osteology Foundation. The new brand design was also exposed at the congress.
May 03, 2023

The International Osteology Symposium is held every three years and is considered the most important event in the field of regenerative dentistry. This year it took place in Barcelona from April 27 to 29 and attracted 2,400 medical professionals, teachers and scientists from 90 countries. Geistlich was involved with numerous practical workshops and lectures like on how tissue regeneration affects long-term implant success.

New solutions for the treatment of periodontitis

Among other things, the internationally operating family-owned company presented its new solution for the treatment of periodontitis at the congress. With REGENFAST®, Geistlich is launching a product for use in surgical periodontal therapy. The gel aids efficient repair. It helps protect the tissues of the oral cavity and supports wound healing. Ralf Halbach, CEO of Geistlich, emphasizes, "With this, we are directly addressing the needs of our patients."

Regeneration wave in a new look

Geistlich's commitment to advancing medical regeneration is now also reflected in its visual identity. The "regeneration wave" and the focus color "trusted-blue", pick up on the knowledge of the adaptability of regenerative processes and illustrate the scientific foundation as well as the trust in the family-owned company. Halbach explains: "The wave sets the direction: Pioneering spirit, collaborative development and at its heart, the family." The rebranding was presented with an opening ceremony at the symposium. The newly conceived booth incorporated the brand design and, with a small oasis, gave an opportunity for regeneration.