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Geistlich Pharma: new, spine-tingling corporate video

Moving images from a company that has dedicated itself to regeneration in dental medicine, orthopedics and medicines. Geistlich Pharma, the global market leader for regenerative dental medicine, introduces itself in a new corporate film. In the film the family business humorously pokes fun at itself.
July 10, 2017

Footsteps in virgin snow, a crackling log fire in a mountain chalet, the climb to a mountain summit - Geistlich Pharma uses impressive images to create a spine-tingling atmosphere as it tells its story. The three-minute piece was filmed under the title “18 Seconds”, at an altitude of 3,000 meters on the Gemsstock, in the company’s dental laboratory and in the hospital emergency room. What sticks in the memory are impressive images and the fact that every 18 seconds a patient, somewhere in the world, is treated using Geistlich Pharma biomaterials.


Facts and much passion

The film, produced by Sooli Film and directed by Ueli Stöckli creatively illustrates Geistlich Pharma’s pioneering spirit. The company specializes in biomaterials for regenerating bones, cartilage and tissue. It develops and manufactures medical products with the aim of increasing patients’ quality of life. Mirjam Kessler, head of Corporate Communications, had this to say about the film’s content: “We wanted to show that dental surgeons worldwide trust Geistlich Pharma because evidence-based medicine is of paramount importance to us. The new corporate film backs up these facts, with an added touch of humor.” 

“18 Seconds” online

The corporate film is available in the following languages:

English: <link https: www.youtube.com>www.youtube.com/watch

German: <link https: www.youtube.com external-link-new-window external link in new>www.youtube.com/watch