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Geistlich Pharma opens tenth subsidiary

On October 8, Geistlich Pharma AG celebrated the opening of their tenth subsidiary, in India. The business was officially launched in the presence of the Swiss ambassador, Dr Andreas Baum, and marks Geistlich’s advance into a potentially very interesting market for the global leader in regenerative dentistry (Geistlich Biomaterials).
October 07, 2016

Geistlich Pharma’s positive growth can be seen in their expanded worldwide presence; as a continuously growing company with around 500 employees, India is their tenth subsidiary. In addition, they have around 60 distribution partners, giving the regenerative dentistry specialists a presence in almost 100 countries.

Encouraging specialization

The Indian dental market is a comparatively young market, with around 200,000 practising dentists.  Around 5% of these specialize in dental implants. This fast-growing group holds significant potential for Geistlich Pharma. These specialists can use their expertise and products to better meet the patients’ regenerative dentistry needs. Around 270 dentistry colleges and institutes on the Indian sub-continent provide training. Geistlich Pharma will get involved with courses and lectures to support the professional development of Indian dentists. 

Competitors’ keen interest in the sub-continent confirms to Geistlich Pharma that they have made the right move at the right time. Geistlich Pharma firmly believes that the signs in the Indian dental market point to long-term growth and that the company can play a driving role in the development of the market.