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Geistlich Pharma supports «Mercy Ships»

Regenerative medicine for a better quality of life – that’s the focus of Geistlich Pharma’s research and development work. This is reflected in the company’s annual donation to charity, which in 2015 is for «Mercy Ships» Switzerland.
December 03, 2015

Geistlich Pharma has dedicated themselves to regenerative medicine; «Mercy Ships», founded in 1978, therefore fits in clearly with the company philosophy. The idea behind «Mercy Ships» is very simple: medics should be able to reach patients in need directly and unbureaucratically on hospital ships. In addition, the modern facilities available on the ships are not dependent on the local infrastructure. The poorest people in the world benefit from practical, direct help. The medics are all volunteers.

Hospital ship in Madagascar

The largest civilian hospital ship is currently in a Madagascan port. During its 9-month stay, medics will carry out 2000 operations on adults and children, including maxillofacial surgery and orthopaedic surgery. Specialist surgeons will also treat more than 10,000 patients in a purpose-built, land-based dental clinic. To ensure that this help can continue, they will provide specific training to local healthcare professionals.

«Africa Mercy» mission

The dimensions of the largest privately-operated hospital ship in the world are impressive: at 152 metres long, it has five operating rooms and 84 beds. More information on «Mercy Ships» can be found <link http: www.mercyships.ch external-link-new-window external link in new>here.