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Geistlich proves resilient

All in all, 2022 was a challenging year with many global uncertainties. But Geistlich still achieved great results and further consolidated our leading position in dental regeneration with trailblazing investments.
March 20, 2023

As a pioneer in regenerative medicine, Geistlich is looking to increase its investment in new technologies, says Ralf Halbach, Geistlich’s CEO: «We understand that our clients’ time is becoming ever more limited. And so we are interested in solutions that will shorten the time required until the necessary bone or soft tissue has regenerated.» With the acquisition of Lynch Biologics, LLC in the USA as well as the launch of other products in the EU, we have laid a great foundation for our product portfolio in 2022. The trend is also increasingly toward personalized solutions. By participating in the EU research and innovation project, MEFISTO, Geistlich is likewise staying at the forefront of such developments.

Success despite difficult circumstances

China’s prolonged COVID-19 situation as well as the war in Ukraine led to a downturn in the global economy in 2022. High rates of inflation around the world and an increase in procurement costs were also problematic. In this challenging environment, Geistlich achieved single-digit revenue growth. South America continued to develop positively, and the majority of the Asian markets also recorded stable growth.

A driving force of development: the transfer of knowledge

Scientific education and training are key elements for Geistlich. The transfer of knowledge enables regenerative techniques for our customers. In this context, the «Geistlich + YOU» online congress was an important event once again. Over 6,000 clinical specialists from 92 countries took advantage of the opportunities for further training, interactive networking and sharing their knowledge. With events such as the «Geistlich vLab™» virtual hands-on workshop, Geistlich found a way to provide innovative training opportunities. In this format, those taking part in the workshop received a workshop kit in advance, with which they could practice the demonstrated treatment steps immediately. It might have seemed inconceivable just a few years ago, but Geistlich has now conducted one of the largest online dental workshops.