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New regulation of collaboration between industry and medicine

With immediate effect two new laws in the US and France will regulate collaboration between medicine and industry. The goal of both laws is to ensure greater transparency in future towards the general public and thus prevent conflicts of interest. All payments from manufacturers to the medical profession will be published on the Internet.
November 18, 2013

Geistlich Pharma supports guarantee of independent research
Geistlich Pharma respects and supports both new statutory regulations of course and advocates an open policy that prevents misuse and guards against conflicts of interest. The company is currently implementing internal measures to also meet the new regulations in the US and France. The new statutory regulations make a valuable contribution to the transparency of scientific research. Currently, Geistlich Pharma is successively contacting its cooperation partners in order to organise the transfer of data as easily as possible.

Sunshine Act in the USA / Loi Bertrand in France
In the US, the so-called Sunshine Act regulates the publication of payments. In 2014, information regarding payments and donations to the medical profession will be published for the first time. In France, the French Ministry of Health is regulating collaboration between industry and the medical profession anew through the “Transparence des Liens (Articles L. 1453-1 et L. 4113- 6”), also called “Loi Bertrand” or “French Sunshine Act”. Since 1 October, all payments and donations from industry to the medical profession have been publicly accessible.


Further information can be found here:

US: <link http: www.cms.gov regulations-and-guidance legislation national-physician-payment-transparency-program index.html external-link-new-window>www.cms.gov/Regulations-and-Guidance

France: <link http: legifrance.gouv.fr>legifrance.gouv.fr