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Offering insight into all kinds of jobs

Geistlich Pharma takes part once again in “National Future Day”. The name says it all: a day organized throughout Switzerland to provide girls and boys with inspiration for their future careers.
November 22, 2018

Geistlich gives some 20 young participants real insight into the world of work, getting them immersed in different jobs, experimenting and, in keeping with the day's motto of "changing sides", trying out non-traditional roles. This opportunity is offered by Geistlich to the young visitors on "National Future Day". Of particular interest are the five types of apprenticeships offered by the company.

The way forward to creative ideas and solutions

What job are you really passionate about? An essential aspect of "National Future Day" is learning about jobs, irrespective of gender and prevailing opinions. Geistlich is convinced that it makes a contribution to the discovery of this passion. And, as a result, to diversity in business. The company lives and breathes diversity in numerous ways, both at its two locations in Switzerland and in its foreign affiliates. Geistlich is convinced that its current challenges can best be resolved with employees from all kinds of backgrounds and with a variety of competencies. This way forward to creative ideas and solutions encompasses a large number of different nationalities, company-wide teams comprising a mix of men and women, and part-time working models, including for managers.