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Strategic investment in France

Geistlich invests in O.S.T Développement in France and takes over the worldwide distribution for its dental allogeneic product range Allodyn®, adding another established allograft technology to its portfolio.
June 04, 2024

Geistlich is delighted to announce its strategic investment in the company O.S.T Développement to strengthen its presence in the important allograft materials market segment. After adding allograft solutions to the USA portfolio with MTF Biologics, Geistlich now offers another high-quality allograft solution in Europe.

O.S.T Développement has an outstanding reputation and has specialized in the development of allogeneic technologies for more than 25 years. In France, the company markets its dental allogeneic products under the name Allodyn®. These allograft tissues are ethically procured from living donors and comply with the most stringent donor selection criteria. Their patented OstéopureTM process delivers the highest possible safety level combined with a naturally preserved 3D mineralized collagen structure. By investing in O.S.T Développement, Geistlich takes over the worldwide distribution for the well-known and established dental allogeneic product range Allodyn®.

Matthias Dunkel, COO of Geistlich, says: “We are very happy to have Allodyn® in our portfolio. O.S.T Développement guarantees with its unique allograft expertise the highest quality and clinical reliability for patients.”

As the leading expert in the field of dental regenerative biomaterials, Geistlich aims to offer reliable and clinically proven solutions that meet the needs of the clinicians and looks forward to working with O.S.T Développement to support the wellbeing of patients.