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Research and Development

The key to success

Geistlich is committed to its own research and development. Accordingly, the company invests in skilled professionals and technologies, and it nurtures international cooperation.  

Geistlich is characterized by its passion for science. That too is reflected largely in its research and development. Swiss and international professionals and specialists alike dedicate themselves to the shared goal of tirelessly improving regenerative medicine. This goal is built on a thorough understanding of the biology of matrix structures. 

«When it comes to quality, we don’t compromise.»
Patrick Häuptli, Director Quality Assurance

Swiss quality under one roof 

It is important to Geistlich that all research and development is done in-house and that it meets its high standards of Swiss quality. A wide spectrum of in-house research takes place – from biochemistry to cell biology, and material research to research analytics. When research is carried out at Geistlich, it is done with the precept of supporting the body’s own regenerative processes with biological products. The result of this commitment is the regeneration of natural tissue with the interaction between product and body. Before launching a product, Geistlich always endeavors to prove its clinical efficacy in a watertight manner. 

«You’re either a pioneer or you remain static.»
Dr. Mark Spilker, CSO Geistlich Pharma AG

Product efficacy demonstrated in about 1,400 scientific publications      

Decades of experience with biomaterials and pioneering work achieved are documented in meaningful scientific evidence. The efficacy of Geistlich’s biomaterials is documented in about 1,400 scientific publications – when it comes to the safety and quality of its products, Geistlich doesn’t compromise. To learn from the best and gain valuable expertise, the company networks with renowned international experts, university partners and esteemed clinical practitioners. New treatment concepts and products are born from the exchanges between this network of expertise. Geistlich places great importance on training medical professionals. The strive for excellence means that a Geistlich biomaterial is used every 15 seconds around the world.