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Our focus is on quality

Geistlich places utmost importance on the quality of its products, of which the clinical efficacy must be proven watertight. New developments are tested until they fully meet the company’s high standards for Swiss quality, safety and efficacy. External authorities and bodies, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or TÜV, conduct inspections around five times a year and underpin Geistlich’s endeavor for quality.

Geistlich conducts around 30 internal quality audits a year to ensure its own high quality standards are met. Geistlich regularly audits its suppliers of raw materials and components: it carries out around 15 supplier audits each year. Geistlich also carries out internal and external training to raise quality awareness in line with the company’s ethos: every employee at the headquarters currently undergoes training an average of 20 times a year. Hundreds of product users are also trained. From raw materials, semi-finished products, through to finished products, Geistlich employees inspect, test and check the bone substitute materials and membranes/matrices at more than 20 points along the production process. The result: reliable, effective solutions of Swiss quality.  

How do you ensure that quality remains at the fore at Geistlich?

We carry out our day-to-day work by cooperating with the teams working on projects. This means the fundamental principle of quality is present right at the source. Secondly, training is given in the form of Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs for short. When someone joins Geistlich and throughout their time with us, the message of quality assurance is conveyed. It is important to us that all employees are informed about the background and the importance of quality awareness. Our focus is on quality.

How is Geistlich’s quality awareness conveyed to the customer?

Science plays a fundamental role in this. In my opinion, Geistlich’s ever-scientific approach is a huge added value for practitioners. Science is in our genes and is always present in the way we operate for customers and their patients. Our affiliates are also fully certified to ISO 9000 in our comprehensive quality assurance system. We believe in 'Swiss made' and are therefore a leader on the world market.