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Donation for mobile dental clinics has arrived

At this year's "move for charity" event, Geistlich employees raised $16,500 for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey. The amount has been officially handed over to the Turkish Dental Association, which provides medical care to the victims. The donation will be used to equip mobile dental clinics.
October 18, 2023

The Turkish Dental Association is a charitable organization actively involved in assisting the victims of the February 6, 2023 earthquake. Among other initiatives, they are establishing mobile dental care stations that are crucial during natural disasters. In doing so, the organization is providing immediate and emergency care in underserved areas, such as those created by the earthquakes in many places. As a local organization, the Turkish Dental Association knows the needs on the ground and provides targeted assistance. Geistlich is proud to be able to contribute to covering some of the costs of equipping these mobile clinics with this donation.
Geistlich's contribution will further advance this important work in ensuring basic medical care. Prof. Dr. Tarık İşmen, the President of the Turkish Dental Association, says, "The impact of this earthquake still burdens the lives of many people. This help is invaluable and reaches the population directly."

Local help on-site
The massive earthquakes that shook the southeast of Turkey and northern Syria earlier this year left a devastating toll: over 59,259 fatalities, more than 125,000 injuries, and a total of more than 24 million people affected by this natural disaster. Selva Hızıroglu, who works as a distribution partner for Geistlich in Turkey, emphasizes, "It means a lot to us that Geistlich is directly helping the earthquake victims. Almost every one of us has a connection to a stroke of fate."

Donation for a Good Cause
At "move for charity," employees could cover as many kilometers as possible on foot, by bicycle, or on inline skates within 24 hours. The accumulated kilometers are converted into US dollars and benefit a good cause. Geistlich has been organizing this event for the fourth time and supported victims of the war in Ukraine last year.