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For example, dental care in Senegal

Per million inhabitants: 70 doctors. A rate that is 78 times lower than the comparable figure in Switzerland. These are the facts; they outline the need in Senegal with its almost 15 million inhabitants. With its donation Geistlich wants to contribute to improving this situation.
December 09, 2019

Here comes the "Africa Mercy", the African hospital ship of the “Mercy Ships” organisation. The aid is the proverbial drop in the ocean, but it still impresses: from August 2019 to June 2020 the ship is docked in the port of Dakar. During this time, 2,000 adult and young patients undergo life-changing operations. They come from all over Senegal. The team of doctors performs more than 8,000 operations in the onshore dental clinic. This is also "Mercy Ships", and in the longer term it is one of the most important measures: Several hundred specialists receive holistic medical training with mentoring, in courses and in trainings. In addition to building local capacities, existing infrastructures are being renewed and adapted to the times. These are the facts; they outline the concrete, unbureaucratic help provided by the “Mercy Ships”.

One mission - over 10,000 happy faces

Geistlich makes an annual contribution to the "Mercy Ships" out of conviction. Their help to those in need is pragmatic and direct. Geistlich wishes them every success and commitment for their ten-month mission in Senegal.  The company considers it a privilege to share the joy of success with a competent partner and its project.A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the address of "Mercy Ships", to Geistlich's customers and all other partners.