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Geistlich acquires Bionnovation Biomedical in Brazil

Geistlich has signed the agreement to acquire the medical technology company Bionnovation Biomedical in Brazil subject to customary closing conditions. With this acquisition, Geistlich is expanding its regenerative product portfolio, providing affordable, reliable solutions to clinicians and their patients in Latin America and other emerging markets.
April 05, 2024

The regeneration specialist Geistlich has signed the agreement to acquire the Brazilian medical technology company Bionnovation Biomedical, integrating a new family of brands and products into its global portfolio.  

Bionnovation Biomedical sells its products into more than 20 countries and is fast growing. In recent years, the company has acquired extensive expertise in the development and manufacturing of biomaterials for regenerative dentistry.  

Geistlich strives to provide innovative quality products, best-in-class education and an excellent customer service. The acquisition of Bionnovation Biomedical is part of Geistlich's strategy to further diversify its existing offering through in-house developments, partnerships and strategic acquisitions in the field of regenerative medicine. Geistlich's aim is to provide patients in Latin America and other emerging markets with improved access to reliable dental treatment. "We are excited to be able to offer our clinicians in future an even wider range of trustworthy solutions to fulfill the medical needs of their patients.", says Diego Gabathuler, CEO of Geistlich.  

Bionnovation Biomedical, founded 1993, is located in Bauru (São Paulo) and employs around 40 people. Last year, the company commissioned a newly built production site for the manufacturing of its biomaterials.