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Geistlich expands its portfolio for the treatment of Periodontitis

Geistlich is continuously developing new therapeutical concepts and has dedicated itself to the periodontology topic for many years. Geistlich has recently introduced two pioneering products for surgical regenerative periodontal therapy. Now, another follows with Pocket-X® Gel, which is used in non-surgical periodontitis treatment.
July 05, 2023

Did you know that Periodontitis is the sixth most prevalent disease worldwide? Nevertheless, most people underestimate the real impact of chronic inflammation caused by periodontitis. It is one of the main risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, and therefore has a serious health implication.

The process of periodontitis begins with gum inflammation, or Gingivitis. This is an inflammation triggered by bacteria in the dental plaque. If this remains untreated, over time the gum will detach from the surface of the tooth, and so-called “periodontal pockets” form. If the initial treatment of these pockets does not achieve the desired success, it is necessary to proceed with open-gum cleaning. A surgical operation will often be accompanied by severely swollen soft tissue and pain. Geistlich wants to prevent this with its latest product, Pocket-X® Gel.

No surgical operation needed thanks to Pocket-X® Gel

The newest addition to Geistlich Portfolios, Pocket-X® Gel, is used in non-surgical periodontitis treatment. It protects the just-cleaned pockets from bacterial re-population after conventional treatment and supports the healing of the gums. The product is liquid at room temperature and transforms into a high-viscosity gel after insertion into the gingival pocket at body temperature. This makes it easy to use and builds a barrier against pathogenic bacteria within seconds.

Annick Geissbühler, Product Manager at Geistlich, explains, “clinical results show that Pocket-X® Gel has the potential to increase the success rate of the non-surgical phase. Compared to conventional treatments, the periodontal pockets closed and healed at a higher rate. The oral healthcare professional treating the patient can use it to achieve a better treatment outcome, potentially sparing the patient from a surgery.”

With Pocket-X® Gel, Geistlich complements its product family for regenerative periodontal therapy, which has recently been expanded by REGENFAST® and GEM 21S®.