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Geistlich Pharma AG wins the 2014 IHZ prize for innovation

Geistlich Pharma wins the 2014 prize for innovation from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Central Switzerland (IHZ). The IHZ rated the products Geistlich Mucograft® and Geistlich Mucograft® Seal as an outstanding achievement.
September 17, 2014

Paul Note, CEO of Geistlich Pharma, is highly delighted. He summarises the benefits and achievements of the pioneering products: "Geistlich Mucograft® and Geistlich Mucograft® Seal save the patient considerable pain." These products, the first to be developed worldwide for the regeneration of gingiva, are collagen matrices. They offer an alternative to conventional transplants from the patient's palate. The two products are used primarily to cover exposed root surfaces and to cover cavities after tooth removal. For the patient, they offer a shorter duration of operation, reduced risk of complications and less pain also after the operation. With these two developments, Geistlich Pharma is underlining its role as an innovation leader in regenerative dental medicine.    


Pioneering product as the result of long-standing expertise?

What is the success of Geistlich Pharma based on? At Geistlich Pharma, everything comes from one source: from research and development to production and sales. The achievement awarded the 2014 prize for innovation is based both on long-standing expertise and on international collaboration with researchers and clinicians. As a Swiss family-owned company, Geistlich Pharma pursues a sustainable, scientific concept in research and development. "Either you are a pioneer, or you stand still," explains Dr. Terance Hart, Chief Scientific Officer. Geistlich Pharma wins the IHZ prize for innovation for the third time (after 1994 and 2006).    


With its roots firmly in Switzerland

Geistlich Pharma looks back at a corporate history of more than 160 years and employs around 450 staff at its Central Swiss sites of Wolhusen and Root as well as at eight affiliates worldwide. The company is entirely family-owned.