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Geistlich Pharma shares expertise at TecDay

Geistlich Pharma is guest speaker at the TecDay organized by Willisau school. TecDays are an initiative of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW). Geistlich Pharma is supporting the SATW in promoting technical and natural science careers.
February 16, 2017

Switzerland has a significant lack of specialist engineering and IT professionals. There are also few women in technical jobs compared to other countries. First trialed in 2007, TecDays have since been successfully organized at more than 40 secondary schools across the country. Geistlich Pharma is supporting the SATW in its efforts to arouse adolescent interest in engineering and technology. 

The world of regeneration

At the TecDay, the module presented by Geistlich Pharma was called "Future without pain: the latest innovations in regenerative dentistry". For the two-hour long session, the company transported the students to the world of regeneration. Centered around the treatment need of receding gums, the students gained insights into research, development, registration, production and marketing at Geistlich Pharma. The students also learned about the numerous different academic qualifications required on the product's journey from initial idea to application in patients. For a taste of what it's like to be an oral surgeon in real life, the students sewed a volume-stable collagen matrix onto an eggplant using a needle and thread.