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Osteo Science Foundation Announces Global Initiatives

Osteo Science Foundation was founded in 2013 by Dr. Peter Geistlich and Geistlich Pharma to advance hard and soft tissue regeneration in Oral and CranioMaxillofacial Surgery in North America. The foundation is now expanding to include global programming, extending programs and activities to serve Oral and CranioMaxillofacial Surgeons around the world.
September 05, 2019

Improved patient care through advances in regenerative medicine has been the motivation of Osteo Science Foundation since its inception. The foundation was established by Dr. Peter Geistlich to serve American and Canadian Oral and CranioMaxillofacial Surgeons. The foundation now will expand to reach a global community. To that end, research and education programs will be developed to serve surgeons both within the initial geographical scope of North America and now on a global level.

Initial global activities will involve collaborations with established organizations that support Oral and CranioMaxillofacial Surgery. A partnership with the International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (IAOMS) and the IAOMS Foundation will allow Osteo Science Foundation to reach the 90+ countries that have professional organizations affiliated with IAOMS. By supporting IAOMS’s research and training fellowships and visiting scholars’ programs, Osteo Science Foundation helps to ensure that clinicians all over the world will benefit from advanced pedagogy. Furthermore, an international research program will be launched in 2020.

Please visit www.osteoscience.org to read the whole press release and to learn more about Osteo Science Foundation.