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Trust in the focus of the film "Trust Stories”

Dr. Ildefonso Moreno provides insight into an important phase of his life. The film tells the story of the Andalusian oral surgeon who is offered to study at the famous University of Michigan School of Dentistry. His situation highlights the importance of trust in the team, products and clinical solutions to achieve maximum performance.
September 19, 2023

What should you do when a unique opportunity presents itself - but you have a busy schedule and many commitments? This is exactly where clinician Dr. Ildefonso Moreno, oral surgeon from Ubrique in Andalusia, found himself a few years ago. He was offered the unique opportunity to study periodontology at the University of Michigan to learn the most advanced treatment methods. Only selected dentists receive this honor. For Ildefonso, it was clear that he wanted to continue his practice and perform the upcoming procedures on his patients himself. Therefore, he made the decision to fly back to Andalusia every six weeks. Thanks to the reliable products from Geistlich and his well-coordinated team, Ildefonso was able to seize this opportunity and solve the situation optimally.

Together with a local film producer from Stans (Nidwalden), Geistlich visualized this story with exclusive footage on location and with the protagonists Dr. Ildefonso Moreno-Riestra, Livia Moreno-Fernández and Prof. Dr. Pablo Galindo.

As a regeneration expert, it is important to Geistlich to produce products and solutions that create confidence as the basis for daily success. Our mission is clear: we strive to provide our customers with everything they need to give their best every day.

Click here to see the film with the answers about the story of Dr. Ildefonso Moreno.